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Paddock Show Schedule

September 29th - 30th


9am Start Time


9am Start Time



Indoor Arena

            Lead Line

            Warm Up – no ribbon

            Unrestricted Walk/Trot Poles

            Unrestricted Walk/Trot US

            OHJA W/T Poles

            OHJA W/T Flat


Outdoor Arena

            Warm Up- open all day – no ribbon

            Unrestricted Crossrails

            Unrestricted Crossrails US

             OHJA Crossrails

            OHJA Crossrails Flat

            Futures Hunter O/F 2'

            Futures Hunter U/S

            Beginner Hunter O/F 2’

            Beginner Hunter U/S

            Very Low NonPro

            Very Low NonPro US

             Equitation 2”

            Equitation 2’ Flat

            S. Stirrup/L. Stirrup/Limit O/F 1’6”-2'3"

            S. Stirrup/L. Stirrup/Limit Eq. O/F 1’6”-2'3"

            S. Stirrup/L. Stirrup/Limit US

            S. Stirrup/L. Stirrup/Limit Eq. Flat

            Children's Hunter Pony O/F 2'(S&M); 2'6"(L)

            Children's Hunter Pony U/S

           11 & Under Eq 2’-2’6”

           11 & under Eq Flat


Warm Up – no ribbon

            Debut Jumper 2’3”

            Hopeful Jumper 2’6”-2’9”

            Intermediate Adult/Child Jumper 2’6”

            Low TB Jumper/T.I.P. 2’6”

            Novice Child/Adult Jumper 2’9”-3’

            Low Child/Adult Jumper 3’-3”

            High Child-Adult Jumper 3’3”-3’6”

           Schooling Training Jumper 3’-3’6”


Course Change

             Warm up – open all day – no ribbon

             Special Hunter 2’6”

            Special Hunter US

             Baby Green Hunter 2’6”

            Baby Green Hunter US

            TB Hunter/T.I.P. O/F 2’6

            TB Hunter/T.I.P 2’6” US

             Intermediate Children's/Adult O/F 2'6"

            Intermediate Children's/Adult Eq O/F 2'6

            Intermediate Children's/Adult Hunter U/S

             Intermediate Children's/Adult Equitation               Flat

            Low Hunter 3’ O/F

             Low Hunter U/S

             Children's/Adult Hunter O/F 3'

             Children's/Adult Hunter U/S

             TB Hunter 3’

             TB Hunter US

             12-14Eq O/F  3' & 15-Adult 3'-3'6"

             Combined Equitation Flat**

             Junior/Amateur Owner Hunter O/F                         3'3"-3'6”

             Junior/Amateur Owner Hunter US

             NEST/OHJA Medal

* Limited Stalls Available *
$70/with sawdust
$50 Bring your own Sawdust
* Entry Fees: $20 per class *
(Division = 3 Fences and 1 Flat Class)
 We reserve the right to combine classes as per OHJA/KHJA rules where necessary
*$20.00 Per Individual Class***
~This includes Jumpers & Equitation~~

* Office Fee of $15 Per Horse/Rider combo *
* Leadline $20 & NO OFFICE FEE *
* No Grounds/Haul in Fee *
Schooling begins after 2pm Friday with outdoor open for schooling through Walk Trot being held indoors.
Nancy Arledge, The Paddock Stables
614-989-5717 or
459 Middleground Rd. S.W.
Pataskala, Ohio 43062

NOTE: Middleground Rd is off of Watkins Rd.,

N.E.S.T. Series is operated in accordance with the rules of OHJA & KHJA Organizations. To be eligible for the annual high score awards; the owner/rider must be a member and the horse/pony registered with OHJA/KHJA/N.E.S.T. Membership applications may be obtained from the show secretary. The Paddock Stables and/or their associates and officials will not be responsible for any accident or loss at the show.