Specialty Classes 

  • Specialty Classes are single classes we have each show. They may relate to T.I.P., Equitation or Hunter Classic as well as a Derby class. Our October Show hosts a costume class and a NEST Cross-rails Classic. Our goal is to provide a range of popular, interesting individual classes to create a fun and exciting horse show experience.

NEST Pairs Classic
Open to horses and ponies ridden by juniors and amateurs. Two horse/rider combos jumping a course simultaneously will be judged on suitability, turn out, jumping style, appearance and cooperation as a pair.
NEST Classic (TB, Hunter, X Rails).
The first round will be judged as a Hunter course and a minimum call back of 10 riders will return for a second round to be a shortened, handy hunter course. The first course must have at least two changes of direction and the second course must have at least two changes of direction as well as three of the following: hand gallop a jump, bending line, rollback turn, fence at the end of the ring or open a gate while mounted or trot over one obstacle. Judges must place emphasis on promptness and tight turns with precedence being given in that order. Handiness is defined as time and ground saving movement without adversely affecting performance or style. Brilliance of pace is defined as a faster pace than ordinary, without sacrificing performance or style. Hand Gallop is defined as a significant increase in pace without sacrificing performance or style.
NEST Costume Class – participants are encouraged to be creative but safe in their design and use of costumes. This NEST Specialty Class is held during our October Show.
NEST Noodle/Stick Horse Trail Class – Participants will be provided materials to create their own noodle stick horse with materials provided by NEST management. (numbers limited to 31 provided projects, but others may bring their own stick horse in case management runs out of materials)  Class to be judged as a trail class, with a minimum of 5 maneuvers worth points per maneuver.